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 Power10w Series
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 Speed controller
 Jining tiny electrical engineering in gold in saint limited liability company, locate Shandong province Jining high and new technique in municipal industry development area inside, research to manufacture for the high and new technique in inside in area product, development point business enterprise.
 The company equipments, funds, talented person's power is strong, managing science, the kit facilities is well-found, YCJT, YCJ, YT, YCJYZD, YTZD six greatest serieses that a point research to manufacture the development near 500 the step of specieses is tiny with the electrical engineering, for the country house spark plan point product, once get various all levels nations, local big prize, and is listed as the nation act for to import the product, the nation accounts the high-tech product in point in national class .
 The series' product is since throw in the market, the function is stable, good quality, wide range of application, suffered the domestic and international customer widespread to speak well of.
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